In this project, different educational centers with students aged 16 and over will carry out various cooperative activities in which they will work on different points on sustainability, with special emphasis on european objectives related to the environment such as:

     6> clean water and sanitation , 

    7> affordable and clean energy, 

    11> sustainable cities and communities, 

    12> responsible consumption and production, 

    13> climate action

    Thanks to this project, the students will reflect on energy consumption and we will promote renewable energy, among others as the use of technologies and English through collaborative activities. This reflection will not only reach our students, but through our dissemination, we will involve families and friends from different parts of Europe.



    This project has objectives in different areas, since it works at the same time with ICT, collaboration, sustainability and the English language.

    The educational objectives are:

    1. Objectives related to European identity

    - To share the culture and traditions of different countries.

    - To cooperate between different countries using new technologies and the eTwinning platform.

    - To achieve the training of students in a context of democracy and freedom.

    - To promote European values.

    - To instill among the participants the spirit of cooperative work.

    - To create new links with the educational community of other centers and different countries, improving the educational quality of the centers.

    - To train our students in European values ​​and attitudes such as tolerance and mutual respect.

    2. Objectives related to promoting attitudes towards sustainability:

    - To sensitize the educational communities of the participating centers (and any entity or . person to whom our dissemination reaches) about the importance of educating in sustainability.

    - To promote basic sustainability goals.

    - To create a concern to change the world.

    3. Objectives related to the English language:

    - To improve English language skills through this European experience.

    - To practice the oral English language.

    - To be aware of the importance of the English language as a communication tool between people from different parts of the world.

    4. Goals related to digital skills:

    - To use ICT.

    - To know new digital tools.

    - To collaborate as a team with students and teachers from other centers through technology.

    - To make the students aware of the eTwinning digital platform.



    Methodological line: The methodology that we are going to use is Project Based Learning (PBL), which is based on cooperation between the different centers. Thanks to this methodology we will promote:

    - Collaboration: In this project the teachers need the maximum collaboration and the students will also collaborate to carry out each of the activities.

    - Communication: Communication will also be a fundamental key in this project, since the teaching staff must know the project and each of the activities perfectly. For this, communication is essential. The students will also know the projects of the other centers and their protagonists. Something very important and to keep in mind is that the communication of this project will be carried out in English, which implies an extra effort on the part of the teachers and students.

    - Critical Thinking: At the end of the project, a final evaluation of both your own work and the other centers is requested.

    - New Technologies: Thanks to this project, both students and teachers will use new technologies, both in carrying out the project and in its publication and for communication. 



    All our activities have as a common objective the work on the sustainability of the environment, the cultural exchange between the students and the cooperation, since they are tasks to be carried out by all and that without the participation of all would not be possible.

    Teachers and students are expected to reflect on caring for the environment so necessary in today's and future society. The activities to be carried out allow us to work and learn about sustainability in different contexts, collaborating together and reflecting on how we can improve our environment.

    Likewise, when the project is carried out using English as the vehicular language, it will be practiced orally, in addition to working specifically on certain grammatical and vocabulary points.

    As a result, we hope that students become aware of the need for change required by society on the road to sustainability. Thanks to these activities and your reflections, we hope to make visible a reality about which much remains to be discovered.

    We have related this project in English because we hope as a result, not only an improvement in their practice, but also that the students verify the usefulness of expressing themselves in this language, to verify for themselves that, indeed, you can know and talk to other people using this language.

    Likewise, thanks to learning in projects, we also hope that they value group work, value the opinion of others and learn to cooperate.