Main objectives and the Curriculum

  • This project has objectives in different areas, since it works at the same time with ICT, collaboration, sustainability and the English language.

    The educational objectives are:

    1. Objectives related to European identity:

    • Share the culture and traditions of different countries.
    • Cooperate between different countries using new technologies and the eTwinning platform.
    • Achieve the training of students in a context of democracy and freedom.
    • Promote European values.
    • Instill among the participants the spirit of cooperative work.
    • Create new links with the educational community of other centers and different countries, improving the educational quality of the centers.
    • Train our students in European values ​​and attitudes such as tolerance and mutual respect.

    2. Objectives related to promoting attitudes towards sustainability:

    • Sensitize the educational communities of the participating centers (and any entity or person to whom our dissemination reaches) about the importance of educating in sustainability.
    • Promote basic sustainability goals.
    • Create a concern to change the world.

    3. Objectives related to the English language:

    • Improve English language skills through this European experience.
    • Practice the oral English language.
    • Be aware of the importance of the English language as a communication tool between people from different parts of the world.

    4. Goals related to digital skills:

    • Use ICT.
    • Know new digital tools.
    • Collaborate as a team with students and teachers from other centers through technology.
    • Make the students aware of the eTwinning digital platform.