Safer Internet Day 2022

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    Safer Internet Day (SID) celebration will take place on Tuesday, 08 February 2022. The campaign`s slogan, "Together for a better internet," is a call to action for all skateholders to join together and play they part in creating a better internet for everyone, and specially for younger users. 

    08/02/2022 - IES Miguel de Unamuno Bilbao


    1-Review the e-safety and netiquette rules:

    eSafety rules.pdf

    topnetiquette rules.pdf

    2-Test your knowledge about ciber security and netiquette with some quizzes:

    E-Safety quiz

    Cyber Safety

    Digital Etiquette

    3-Leave two tips on esafety and netiquette on the TwinBoard.

    4-Debate: Among the safety tips that your partners have written, which ones would you choose and why?

  • Our tips on e-safety and netiquette


    hold your personal data for your own belgium


    think about what you post on the internet
    belgium mattijs

    Safer Internet Day - Iris Speleers Belgium

    For me as a teacher, I think it's very important you have an open dialogue with your students about cyber security and netiquette. When they have the feeling you listen to them, sharing fears and concerns can be detected earlier.

    Safe internet Day Wieze Watteeuw, Belgium

    It's important that you don't send private pictures or images to people you only know from the internet. It's also important that you don't share your personal information.

    Safe Internet Day Malak Belgium

    1. Hold you're personal information private.
    2. Tell a parent/guardian if you're gonna meet someone you don't know

    safer Internet Day, Yana Belgium

    A tip I can give is that, you should never become friends online with someone you don't now and keep your personal information for yourself.

    Safe internet Day Ruth Belgium

    Sharing your name, family name, adresse, ... is not a good idea. Because strangers could see your personal info and try to hack or stalk you.

    Tips on e-safety Eva Vinck Belgium

    Don't send images or pictures of yourself to others.

    good password , Merel Belguim

    My tip: make sure you have a good password with capital letters and numbers.

    Safer Internet Day Eowyn Belgium

    Hold your presonal data private.
    Remember to log off.

    Safe internet Day - Nore Roose Belgium

    Hold your own passwords private.
    Don't send photos of anyone without asking them if you can

    Safe internet day ies unamuno

    Done not share personal images or data with anyone

    Safe internet day IES Unamuno

    Keep your information and passwords private

    Safer Internet day, Ies unamuno

    Keep your information and passwords private, because it is important that stranger don't own your personal information

    Safer Internet Day-Yan Yan Spain

    In my opinion, you must be careful with the information that you give through the Internet, because it can be dangerous. Apart from that, changing your password occasionally could be also helpful.


    Keep your imformation and passwords private

    Safer internet day ies unamuno

    Hold your own passwords private.

    Safer Internet Day, Iraia, Basque country

    Hold your personal data private.

    Safer Internet Day-Jon- Basque Country

    Do not share your personal data or images with anyone

    Safer Internet Day - María Jesús Ramírez - IES Miguel de Unamuno Bilbao

    Be careful with public Wi-Fi networks. Everyone has used these open networks at some point, be it in a café or a train station. Sometimes it isn’t avoidable, so when you do use them be sure to take extra measures to protect yourself. Always look for the lock symbol in the address bar and avoid carrying out any financial tasks.


    Never believe people you dont know and dont send photos

    Nakara Belgium

    Don't click on link that people you don't know send you.
    Ask your friend if you can send a photo of them online.

    Safer Internet Day - Belgium

    I find it important you thoroughly think about what you want to say/post online, and when in doubt, you should ask a parent/guardian.


    Don't click on suspicious links.

    Ayoub from belgium

    I think it's important to not share personal information

    Safe internet Belgium

    Don't tell your password to anywone

    Arthur Belgium

    Always tell an adult if you saw something that makes you uncomfortable online. And never talk to strangers online.

    Safe Internet Day-Khadija Belgium

    Don't send your private photo's to other, keep your information and passwords private and don't send them to anyone.

    Julia from Belgium

    1. do not share personal information!
    2. talk to an adult before posting


    Make a creative password without personal information.

    Laura Belgium

    Watch out with what you say to people online. They don't know on what tone you say it. Also in the other way. You should not think that they try to be mean. You can always ask how they want to say it.

    safer internet day Ethan Becue Belgium

    dont put things online from your friends only if they want it

    Hint from Germany

    never write personal things - unless you know the other person from "real life"; never believe just an internet profile

    Tip from Justine FRANCE

    You are responsible for what you post online so moderate your comments on social networks, forums... Do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you.

    Tip JUSTINE France

    Give the minimum of personal information on the internet. Do not communicate your political opinions, or your telephone number

    TIP from TOMY France

    I don't download my apps anywhere

    Tomy France

    You should always browse with an antivirus. Because we could be robbed of our staff

    Lilyan France

    Never connect an unknown USB key. It can delete all your data.