Presentation of the project

  • Brief description:

    This project is about using statistics to measure and maybe even improve on the quantum of happiness of our students.

    Our students will work together to share how happy they are about different aspects of their life at school, and imagine ideas to improve on it.

    Then they will carry surveys and analyse the results together to identify propositions to improve on the quantum of happiness of everyone.


    Language: English

    Age: from 15 to 17

    Number of students: >100? or 50-100?

    Subject: Math


    Goals :

    ICT development: the students will communicate with their partners using  ICT. The tools we plan to use are:


    Improve on the precise use of language: together they will design a statistical survey, using precise language to get their questions right. If necessary they will do this both in English and their own language, to make it easier for the other students of the school to answer.


    Improve on the use of statistics and math: they will analyse the collected data and design posters to share their conclusions: this will be done both using digital tools and real paper to share it widely in the school.


    Open up to other ways of life at school and get inspired by their partners.


    Get actively involved in their life at school and make useful suggestions.


    Work plan:

    1) from September to mid-October:

    The teachers inform the parents about the project and get all the necessary authorisations.


    The students gather statistical information about their country/city/school and share the information with the partners in the twinspace: we will use  a tool (eg:Scrumblr) to create a wall named “About us”.

    They also design a logo for the project and post it on the twinspace: likewise a wall named ”logo” will be created to show the logos.

    2) from mid-October to end of November:

    The students, using the data they got, identify their partners.

    They vote for the best logo: a tool like Framadate will be used to record the votes.

    3) from early December to late January:

    The students answer the question "what matters in your life at school": they can rank topics the teachers have determined and/or write their own topic.

    We will use a tool such as Scrumblr or Flipgrid for the students to share their reactions in the twinspace.

    We will use a word cloud tool such as Wordle to show the result of this stage on a poster.

    4) with these answers the teachers form the teams: in each team all the partners must be represented, and all the topics which were of some interest to the students will be addressed.

    5) from early February to early April:

    the students share their ideas on one of the answers from 3): how is this topic addressed in their school? are they happy with the way it is done? what could be done to improve on that?

    They can use tools such as Scrumblr and/or Framapad: one wall/pad per topic/team.
    They design a statistical survey to evaluate how welcome their ideas are in their school, using for example Framaforms.

    6) April May:

    the students carry out the survey, using their school’s website and/or paper.

    7) Final production:

    the students create an e-journal about the topics, the views they developed with their partners, and the results of their statistical survey. We will use a tool such as Genially to make it interactive, of flipbook.



    Expected production:

    The e-journal, the logo, the word cloud, walls, a flipgrid to share the reactions of the students after they have finished the project.


    Erasmus+: no

    From a project kit: no

  • ICT


    video discussion platform


    Collaborative online spreadsheet


    Collaborative Online Scrum Tool (like padlet)


    collaborative online text editor


    you can create a private board and share it with your students