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         In this section, you can propose games that are exciting, interesting, motivating even not being digital. Remember that in every country we have different games, so, if it is possible, post a video to know the rules of the game.



        Bu alanda sizlere ilgi çekici gelen, ilginç, motive edici oyunları tanıtabilirsiniz. Üstelik dijital olmaları şart değil! Unutmayın, her ülkede birbirinden farklı oyunlar var. Bu yüzden mümkünse oyunun kurallarını anlatan bir video eklemeyi unutmayın.

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    Speed Cups

    You've 5 cups and you have to place them in the same order as the colours of the cards.

    Among Us

    In this game you have to to go through a spaceship following a map to solve certain tasks.
    There are mates who are killers and you have to be careful to avoid being killed.
    There are many options to win the game; find out who the murderer is or complete all the tasks.


    In this game there are tones of cards. You have only 15 seconds to try to remember all the things that appear in that cards. After that, you've to answer two questions (that normally nobody expects).

    It is a particularly fun game if played in teams.


    We have chosen this game as a basis for learning mathematics in a different and fun way.


    In this game you will have to memorise cards in a short period of time. Then you will have to roll a die and answer the question you get. It is a game in which two players can take part, so the winner is the one who gets the most points.


    This game is an online drawing game. You can join a room or you can also, create your own rooms. And then, draw and guess!


    We have chosen this game as a basis for learning basque language in a different and fun way.

    Memory cards

    In this game the cards are turned over and you have to turn them over to find the corresponding pairs. If you guess correctly you get a point and if you don't, the cards are turned over again.

    Trivial 1 VS 1

    In this Trivial new version, you can learn about geography, biology, history and basque language in a fun way. There are two players who are going to play in turns. We hope you enjoy and learn a lot!

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