Mehmet Akif Ersoy MTAL

  • Our School Mehmet Akif Ersoy Secondary School of Vocational Education is located in

    Gelibolu(Gallipoli Peninsula)in the European part of Turkey, 260 km far from Istanbul and very close to the border of the neighbour country, Greece. The population of Gelibolu is 45.000 and it rises to 100.000 during the summer holidays. The school established and started education in 1950 within The Ministry of National Education. There are 460 students aged 14-18 and 47 vocational and cultural teachers at our school. The school prepares its students for business and vocational future life and higher education in the fields of Wood Technology, Electrical- Electronics Technology, Metal Works Technology and Internet Computing Technologies. There are 2 computer laboratories, 3 vocational workshops, 1 science laboratory, a library, a closed gymnasium with a capacity to hold 400 people, and a conference room for 80 people for English education, conference organizations and presentations. Our students are not only coming from the city center but also from many far away villages in this region. So, our school has also a boarding student dormitory financed the whole needs by The Ministry of National Education. Our school is an experienced school about social and EU projects. We have established The European Union Foreign Affairs and the Social-Cultural Activities Department at our school to follow these kind of activities in 2012. This multi partnership project will be a great step for our school and its environment in and around Gelibolu. So far, we have managed many EU projects within the frame work of Erasmus Plus. There are many experienced teachers and students at our school and they are eager to take part in. We have taken part in many different teacher and student mobility projects so far. Our school is investigating the different cultures to live in a harmony with society. To reach that purpose we are aiming to educate psychologically healthy, self-confident and social individuals in European standards. Thus, our school’s goal is to focus on the methods and techniques of the training programs used in different countries in EU. So this

    Partnership Project is very important for our school and for the project partners. Exchange of Good

    Practices by the rigorous work of The European Union Foreign Affairs and the Social-Cultural Activities Department established at our school and started working with Hungarian partner. At the end of this project, our educators and students will have an opportunity to convey our viewpoint to The EU standards in 6 different countries. We are ready to help the next generation to break the walls and establish new bridges to live in peace in the future. At our school, The European Union Foreign Affairs and the Social-Cultural Activities Department is ready to realize this project with 15 teachers and 50 students with 5 different countries in Europe. Our expertise is in writing, editing articles, leaflets, books and documentation.