Life Is Math, Math Is Life

This project is a continuation of the project "Math In Practical Life" . We'll continue our search for the mathematics and its purpose in our everyday lives. We'll share our lessons and experiences. More details about the previous project could be found here: , https://twinsp...

Our Schools



  • Jana Luković (Čačak, Serbia),
  • Iulia Sirbu (Cluj-Napoca, Romania),
  • Adina Gorga (Cluj-Napoca, Romania),
  • Ainhoa Vivas (Cáceres, Spain),
  • Patty Ionascu(Bals, Romania),
  • Teodora Mihajlović (Žitorađa, Serbia),
  • Sara Tanić (Žitorađa, Serbia)
  • Ayşe Betül Yıldırım ( Eskişehir, Turkey)
  • Sharna Lloyd Ashman Swan (Shotton Hall, UK)
  • Caitlin O'Donnell (Shotton Hall , UK)

Author: Jelena Kenić
Last editor: Jelena Kenić