Life Is Math, Math Is Life

This project is a continuation of the project "Math In Practical Life" . We'll continue our search for the mathematics and its purpose in our everyday lives. We'll share our lessons and experiences. More details about the previous project could be found here: , https://twinsp...

Project Journal

  • ‘New Technologies in Education’ is the international conference and fair, held in Belgrade and organised by the British Council with the aim to improve the quality of education in this part of the world through the use of information and communication technologies. On the first day, February 9th, I presented our eTwinning project 'Life Is Math, Math Is Life'.


    - Posted by Jelena Kenić, 12.02.2017

  • Dear partners, please visit THIS PAGE and add all your comments, suggestions and correction before we apply for the European Contest. Let's do it together! 

    - Posted by Jelena Kenić, 18.12.2016

  • And one for us too :)


    - Posted by Anica Tričković, 02.11.2016

  • Dear partners, all awards and reports from the promotions of our projects are posted on the page "AWARDS AND PROMOTIOS".

    - Posted by Jelena Kenić, 22.10.2016

  • Hi, we have just been awarded the quality label for this project

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    - Posted by Ian Kell, 14.10.2016