The main idea behind the project is to explore new ICT tools, to develop communication and cooperation skills among partner students. What is considered to be innovative within the project is that students will be asked to work together with children their age in mixed-nationality work groups and take initiative so as to get to know some facts abou...

>>4<< How do we divide jobs?

Activity >>4<< How do we divide jobs?
Students search for information about different jobs, they prepare descriptions of these professions, create mindmaps and share their works.


 STUDENT'S WORK:  see the FORUM:  FORUM -> Jobs and careers.

  Vote for the best group SIRPx:  
 (everyone can vote once and add argument)


Instuctions for this activity:

  • First you can find your career category (by colour of your team).
  • After that you can explore professions that belong to your field (use internet, or websites in our FORUM -> Resources) and write these names of careers into "answergarden" >>> BRAINSTORMING
  • Than each team will create something about several professions from the lists in blue circles - you can create mindmaps (by hand or using webtools...), presentations (slideshare, powtoon, prezi, emaze...) or clipbooks (cliptomize)...  Your work will be published in FORUM -> Jobs and careers.
  • Last step is evaluating your team job - vote for the best internatiol group SIRPx.


Author: Gabriela Kövesiová
Last editor: Gabriela Kövesiová