The main idea behind the project is to explore new ICT tools, to develop communication and cooperation skills among partner students. What is considered to be innovative within the project is that students will be asked to work together with children their age in mixed-nationality work groups and take initiative so as to get to know some facts abou...

>>3<< Can you guess...

Activity >>3<< Can you guess my parents´ jobs?
In each workgroup the students send e-mails with the description of 2-3 jobs ( which their parents do) and then they guess these jobs via mail. After this activity the workgroups create one twinspace page, where they copy the descriptions of these jobs and their solutions.

Instructions to this activity:
HOW TO WRITE AN EMAIL: (each of the national teams S1,S2,...I1,I2,...R1,R2,...P1,P2... do the same) 
The members of the team think about 2-3 careers of their parents and try to describe their professions in their  own words. For example, the team R2 will write an email with two or three descriptions, but not the names of the careers:
Hello friends, can you guess the team R2 parents´ jobs?
  • Sandra's father works ... describe in a few sentences what and where he is doing...
  • Luka's mother has an interesting job, because she... describe her work...
  • Peter's father works in...  few words, sentences about Peter's father job....
This email will have a subject: "R2 description" and will be sent to I2 and an identical mail will be (separately) sent to S2 and the third identical mail to P2. 
Therefore each team will write 3 emails (identical)
...and they will also receive 3 other emails (from S2, I2 and P2).
If the team (for example S2) receive an email from R2, they reply this email  and write the professions, for example:
Hello from Slovakia, we think, that:
  • Sandra's father is a teacher.
  • Luka's mother is a nurse.
  • Peter's father is a bus driver.
With best regards TEAM S2  
So they also reply another email from I2 (with their suggestions of I2's parents´ jobs..). If the quess was correct or incorrect, the team reply the email with other information... ("ok, your first attempt is correct", ...or "try again...", "your second attempt is correct"...) Don't forget to write the team-name under your suggestion (see example).  
E-mail addresses are in this document, but  only the teachers have permission to access , so they'll tell you where to send your emails:
Author: Gabriela Kövesiová
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