• Activity >>1<< Introduction 
    [deadline: 31.01.2016]

    Students get to know each other creating their personal profiles (mixed voice recordings of 3-4 students in school teams).


    Activity >>2<<: Workgroups
    [deadline: 31.01.2016]

    Teachers form international workgroups (3-4 student members from each country), collect their e-mail addresses for further communication.


    Activity >>3<< Can you guess my parents´ jobs?
    [deadline: 29.02.2016]

    In each workgroup the students send e-mails with the description of 2-3 jobs ( which their parents do) and then they guess these jobs via mail. After this activity  workgroups create one twinspace page, where they copy the descriptions of these jobs and their solutions.


    Activity >>4<< How do we divide jobs?
    [deadline: 12.03.2016]

    Students search for information about different jobs, they prepare descriptions of these professions, create mindmaps and share their works. Then students comment and vote for "the best international group work". 


    Activity >>5<< Puzzles
    [deadline: 01.04.2016]

    Each international group creates one puzzle (interactive game: hangman, pairs, crossword, millionaire game...) about jobs and publish these puzzles on twinspace using online webtool: learning.apps. 


    Activity >>6<< Statistical research
    [deadline: 09.04.2016]

    Each country prepare one question and form a questionary about jobs (f.e. What is your present idea of your future job?, What is important to you – to earn a lot of money or to have a job which you really like?, What was the job of your grandparents?, Do you like your parents´ jobs? In which area is your mother/father working?...), these will be included in a shared GoogleForm document and each student (all of the partners) could fill in the Form. After that students prepare the evaluation of their research and present the results in twinspace.


    Activity >>7<< Videos
    [deadline: 30.04.2016]

    Videoconference (or video) between schools: students of one project partner are showing (without any word)  a prepared job (profession) and the students of the other country try to guess what kind of profession it is. They could also ask yes/no questions.


    Activity >>8<< Evaluation
    [deadline: 30.05.2016]

    Students write comments and evaluate their work, whether the aims of the project were reached or not, what they liked, what was boring, describe their motivation and so on.