The main idea behind the project is to explore new ICT tools, to develop communication and cooperation skills among partner students. What is considered to be innovative within the project is that students will be asked to work together with children their age in mixed-nationality work groups and take initiative so as to get to know some facts abou...


You can choose one topic from submenu HOW TO DO... on the right menu: activity1, activity2... where is written how to procced in selected activity (methods, tools...).

VIDEO tutorials about twinspace:

1. HOW TO EDIT AN EXISTING TWINSPACE PAGE (available only for teachers)

2. HOW TO UPLOAD THE FILE (or image) INTO TWINSPACE (available for teachers and student-administartors)

3. HOW TO EMBED FILE INTO TWINSPACE PAGE (available for teachers, for sudent-administrators)

4. HOW TO CREATE NEW PAGE / SUBPAGE IN TWINSPACE (for teachers, for pupil-administrators)

VIDEO tutorials about different web2.0 tools are in the left menu "...about WEB2 tools

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