Book titled 'I LOVE MATHSeTwinning Project'

    About  the project

    The project aims to make the students be enthusiastic about the maths lesson by using games in pre-school period when they have no preconceived opinion about the subject and to upskill them with the basic maths skills and it also aims to guide the students to discover the fun side of maths lesson. The projects also aims to provide the students with cognitively challenging and accessible maths education for 4 -10 year olds.


    - To foster in young children cognitive abilities,
    - Enrichment of knowledge and skills in mathematics
    - In a planned and purposeful creation of a situation affecting the process of mathematical education
    - Carry out the experiments allow children to better understand the phenomenon, beliefs and concepts of mathematics
    - Learning to cooperate in teams

    To develop forward and backward rhythmic counting skill
    - To teach how to group, match and classify the entities according to their properties
    - To introduce the geometrical figures
    - To make the students comprehend the links between the patterns
    - To give basic addition and extraction skills by using some objects
    - To share different teaching methodologies that teachers use in their countries
    - Marie Curie Skłodowska learning life

    Study Process

     Partner countries are going to upload some videos or pictures presenting their countries and cities. 
    - They are going to establish a section bearing the project’s name at their schools and display the products here.
    - They are going to upload their activities monthly on the the internet page
    a) Maths and art
    b) Math games
    c) Geometry
    d) Patterns
    e) One-to-one correspondence and grouping
    f) Meronymy
    g) Addition and extraction
    h) Marie Curie Skłodowska 
    - The students are going to study in their classrooms under the supervision of their teachers and twins pace is going to be observed
    - Teams from countries are going to be formed
    the project will be finished in June

    Expected Results

    The students are going love maths lesson and they are going to be more successful in that in the future.
    - Teachers in partner schools will be able to find a great opportunity to share their experiences and exchange ideas.
    - The project is going to raise an awareness among students enlightening their view of other countries’ languages and different life-styles abroad.
    - The communication skills of teachers and students are going to be enhanced.

    - At the end of the project an e-book about maths toys is going to be formed . 

    -project logo competition will be held.

    -posters about the project to be done.