Margarita Samoutian/ 9 and 10 Number

  • stories about 9 and 10 number 


    The children were very excited! Suddenly, one of them shouted "Look!Nine (9) dogs eating nine (9) bones!". Mr Frog stopped the train and all the dogs hopped on the wagon! The dogs started to play with the children, so they decided to adopted them! All of them continued their trip....


    Finally, they managed to find the center of the forest! They were so tired so, they stopped to rest! The children hopped off the train and observed the trees! They had something strange... The kids found ten (10) monkeys eating ten (10) bananas! They were so funny! Mr Frog had an amazing idea!


    Mr Frog invited all the animals that they have met during their trip! The children were so excited that they started to count them, in order to threw a big party for their new friends! All of them were singing, dancing and laughing! But, unfortunately they had to return back! They didn't want to worry their parents. So, they promised to travel back to the "Maths Forest" next year! They returned to their homes exhausted from their big trip, but truly happy from their adventure!