6. The names of the flowers in my language (roses, tulips, lilies, daisies, cactus and so on (video).

  • School Grigore Silasi Beclean, BN, Romania


    Almond tree: Αμυγδαλιά in Greek. 






    IN LITHUANIA: Tulip - TULPĖ , Rose - ROŽĖ, Lily of the valley - PAKALNUTĖ, Camomile - RAMUNĖ, Cactus - KAKTUSAS, Lily - LELIJA.


    IN TURKEY: Tulip - Lale,  Rose - Gül , Lily of the valley - İnci çiçeği , Camomile - Papatya, Cactus - Kaktüs, Lily - Zambak, Clove - Karanfil, Orchid - Orkide

    IN SLOVAKIA: Tulip - Tulipán, Rose- Ruža, Lilies - Ľalie, Daisies - Sedmokrásky, Cactus - kaktus, Lily of the valley - Konvalinka


    IN LATVIAN: Tulip - Tulpe, Rose - Roze, Lily - Lilija, Daisies - Margrietiņas, Camomile - Kumelīte, Cactus - Kaktuss, Dandelion - Pienene, Orchid - Orhideja,  Daffodil - Narcise


    Englich - Romanian:

      Aynur Bayraktar


    Aikaterini Spitsa: 9th Kindergarten of Orestiada, Greece

    we have made labels with the names of the flowers and the herbs that we planted in our inner garden.