Cristina Jover. Spain. CEIP Cristo de la Paz.

  • The CEIP Cristo de la Paz is a referent in the story of Sant Joan d’Alcant, a beautiful Mediterranean town, located between the sea and the City of Alicante.

    It  was built in 1934 under the name Grupo  Escolar Hermenegildo Giner de los Ríos, in the Middle of the town, just in front of the Town Hall and San Juan Bautista Church.

    During the Spanish war (1936-1939) it was used as a refuge, and some tunnels were built under the building to protect the citizens from the bombs.

    Nowadays our Comunity is formed by 465 students and 31 teachers.

    Our physical space is formed by two different buildings:

    The Primary School, in the old site, now reformed, with only one entrance and 3 floors and the Pre-school situated in L’Ordana Street.