Campania's logos

  • Our logo proposals

    Chiara's logo

    I’ve chosen this logo because it represents a typical day of a guy on the web. This guy acts consciously and takes advantage of the positive aspects of the web.

    Carmela's logo

    I choose to make this logo because I think it captures the spirit of this project.
    There are the flags of the three partecipant nations, which are connected by a group of people that represents us, the students, and a plane because no place is far away with modern technology.

    Anna's logo

    The world of social media is very attractive and colourful,but we must bear in mind it can be also very dangerous.

    N.Anna's logo

    I have chosen this logo to represent what happens every day on the web.

    Enza's logo

    This logo represents exactly what we want to communicate , fight fake news.