eSafety and Netiquette


    As most of our communication online is non-verbal, it is important to use netiquette so that we will establish positive relationship online. 


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    Decision trees from BIK Portal


    Check your school policy about privacy to publish your students' photos. Ask parents to sign their consent before publishing their photos. Students should not be labelled with their names and surnames.

    Consent Koldo Mitxelena


    Liberatoria On the Spot.pdf (IIS Medi consent)


    IES JARDÍN DE MALAGA -  parental consent:

    Web permiso NUEVO.doc


    Parental Consent Don Milani.pdf




    • All members have verified that there is parents' consent to publish photos.
    • We agree we won't publish content without asking for permission if we are not sure.
    • We all have permission to publish content on our school webpages and take pictures during live sessions.
    • We will ask our students not to write their surnames.
    • We will learn how to add a licence type into our productions. CCBYNC(SA)
    • There is an account for parents and colleagues who want to visit the platform.