This is my logo, the logo represents the frausters that there are on the internet and the danger that can cause to people.


    I have created this logo because it represents the menace of fake news created by trolls and how can we stop it working together.


    This is my logo and you can see that there are some monuments of the countries and the flags too. I made this logo because it represents the culture of each country and I put on the background a photo of fake news because it's the topic of this project :) I hope you like my logo.


    Hello, my logo represents the union between the different countries that are participating in this work. We are fighting against FAKE NEWS, we can do it!

    Alejandro D

    This is my logo, my logo represents the search of fake news in different countries.

    Maximo - my fake news logo

    With this image I made I want to show that, if we all know how to search and identify fake news, we can act as detectives to find them and make other people aware about the danger that fake news can cause.

    Ana Lucía

    I've made this logo, showing that we all have to reject fake news, because they can be dangerous. On the left side, I've put a laptop that represents the fake news, and on the right side, I've put a person, doing a rejection sign. Between both elements, I've put a crack, that represents that we have to end the fake news, to know what's real or not on the internet, so we all can experience the internet in a safe way.

    Jose Manuel

    My drawing is about Fake News, in which I want to explain, that in any social network, there are hoaxes and lies, in which we are involved daily


    This logo reprensents all the fake people that are behind the fake news.

    Malena's logo

    This is my logo, it represents the union of the three countries about the fake news, It simbolises the power of each country and the appearance of fake news in those countries.


    This logo represents the social media nowadays , the colors are the same as those of intagram and you can see how it enters our minds as if it were injection given by society that puts you in need to be perfect.


    This is my logo, it represents that we know how to identify fake news and that we have to cooperate together. The head above the mobile phone represents an internet troll and the magnifying glass says "fake" because with our knowledge we identified it. The sentence is a slogan to foster the colaborative work

    Alejandro R

    This is my logo. It has the Anonymous Mask. It represent the fake news


    The three people are the countries inside the project. They are refusing to listen to the huge phone with all the fake news, adverts, and trolls. Basically, they're using what they have learnt in this project, detecting fake news ,trolls, etc. I hope you like it!!! :)


    His logo was created in the "Economy" class, where one of the curriculum contents is to analyze companies logos and to create one. Our Arts teacher was of great help in providing students with tools to understand the relevance of logos in the corporate world and in the media.