TASK 1 - Maltese Students

    Students scanned this QR Code created with usingthe app "QR Scanner" and old mobile phone devices (and answered the question accordingly. 



    The QR Code asks students to mention different healthy food items that they like to eat and to present them on the padlet as shown below.


    TASK 2 - Maltese Students

    Students scanned this QR Code.  They had to do some research to find out why nuts are healthy.  They worked seperately on a different type of nut and the data was gathered on one document.  The final product was presented on issuu. 




                                                                                          Click here to see document


    TASK 3 - Maltese Students

    Students scanned the third QR Code.  They had to do pictures of foods that contain lots of sugar.  Their findings were presented in a video format using wevideo





    TASK 4 - Maltese Students

    In this tasks students had to do a small research about junk food and fatty foods and why we should avoid eating such foods.


    this is what they found out (using flipsnack):