• St. Thomas More College, Tarxien - Malta

    Our school is a middle school situtated in the south of Malta.  It is a co-ed school catering for students who are in year 7 and year 8.  The students who attend this school live in the adjacent villages close to Hal-Tarxien.  It is an old school.  Currently the school is being renovated.  This is our school logo.


    ZS s RVMPP BUZULUCKA, TEPLICE - The Czech Republic

    Our school is attended by about 730 pupils. The school is located in a large area on the edge of our town. It consists of 9 interconnected pavilions which are surrounded by a park. The part of school is also a large sport complex with a fotball ground, tables for table tennis and jogging track. In our school you can find also school garden, 14 classrooms with interactive board, language laboratory, specialized classroom for teaching physic and chemistry, 2 gyms, students library, school canteen and school club for the youngest pupils. This is a logo of our school: 



    Primary school "Krste Misirkov", Skopje, Macedonia


    7ο Γυμνάσιο Χαϊδαρίου 7th Junior High School of Haidari, Athens, Greece

    1st part: Welcome to myschool

    2nd part: Subjects Presentation


    Galileo Galilei (PZ) - Italy



    Dear students. Are you ready to start our School Photo Quiz? Here you are ... :-)


    Activity My School from the Czech Republic: Students enjoyed knowing your schools. Quiz was funny and little bit difficult :-)