• A Presentation under the Patronage of His Excellency Prof Godfrey Pirotta

    Maltese Ambassador to the Czech Republic






    The whole event (1hr. 15 minutes) was filmed and a recording is made available at school.  Thanks to the School SMT and the National Support Service of Malta who made it possible to hold such a presentation. These are some emails I received related to our presentation:


    "Thank you for making it possible. I really enjoyed it and enjoyed being brought up to date with evolving teaching methods in our schools. There was a good atmosphere at the school yesterday and I came away from it feeling very good" - Maltese Ambassador to the Czech Republic.


    "The activity you prepared for the Ambassador  managed to bring out all the good practices going on at our school.  Eo’s praise in the email below is well deserved, you’ve worked tirelessly with our students and the end result is one to be proud of.   Now the next step  is for our school to be nominated as an eLearning hub.   Let’s continue to work as a team to make Tarxien Middle School one of the best on the island, we already have a set of dedicated, professional teachers – this came out clearly in yesterday’s activity.  Well done to all concerned." - Head of School


    "First of all let me congratulate you for what you’ve done during this scholastic year.  I was impressed by the creativity and the use of technology as a tool. Pedagogy was given importance and has sidelined technology,  I was really proud yesterday". - Education Officer of eLearning