Continuity and impact

  • Our project has become a motor for new challenges for our students and our schools.

    Parents and school community have been invited to know our work during meeting parents and School Councils.

    Regarding the dissemination of our project, after being awarded with 2nd National Price in Greece, Troy Today has been present in our Schools Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook), even mass media (Press and Radio):

    - Short news on La Verdad de Murcia:

    La Verdad de Murcia, Regional Newspaper

    - News on Lorca Hoy, a local digital newspaper:

    - In spite of the nervousness (we are not used to speak on Radio programmes...), it´s worth hearing the interview (in Spanish) on a regional radio broadcasting.

    Cadena Ser Podcast

    Our project Troy Today has been also present in the II eTwinning Meeting of Region of Murcia, held in Murcia (03/03/2017)

    eTwinning Meeting Programme    


    This project became a Theatre Stock (Helidoni, which means Swallow) at IES Ramón Arcas. Helidoni is bringing the Trojan Women all around the Region of Murcia theatres, inviting the audience to think about the presence of the Ancient Greek heritage in our nowadays culture and making the public sensitive to the problem of the refugees, as Poseidon says in a poetic way during the prologue of our version:

    We have also writen a teaching guide of our Troyanas' version. We provide this guide to every theacher who attend our staging with his students. So pupils not only attend a simple ancient drama, but also work before and after the performance about the topics we deal with, such as myth, refugees problem, history and classical literature.

    Our eTwinners feel very proud of it. We are thinking on represent a new play new year... By the moment, here it is our current year programme: