Euripides' Trojan Women Performance in Spanish (Lorca, Juny 3rd 2016)

  • At the very beginning of this project, we only wanted to collaborate with some Mediterranean partners about ancient drama. We expected to organize a collaborative performance of a simple Euripides' stasimo. But the enthusiasm of our students won us over to this wonderful dream. We didn´t believe that our pupils (with our partners' musical and image participation) would achieve to show our entire school community what they are capable to do.

    They worked a lot, with no previous theatrical experience, and gave everybody this unforgetable performance. They felt the heroes problems as own problems. They felt as nowadays refugees can feel when they have to leave their homeland. And, the most impresive, they made all the public feel and get excited by means of a text written (exactly today) 2400 years ago.

    We let preveil the performance over the video recording. Actors needed their dramatic area and we decided let them to connect with the public avoiding to disturb this communication. This is the reason for the low quality recording. There are some interruptions, low quality image and sound, but in spite of these conditions, you can figure in a general sense how our Troyanas turned out.



    This work doesn´t end here. Next year our students will play Troyanas at some theaters around our region (Aguilas, Yecla and Murcia). A dream come true.