Troy today

Starting from Greek tragedy related to the Troy War, the consequences of the war will be analyzed and compared with the nowadays situation on the Mediterranean Coasts (Syrian refugees). We will study and play frames of ancient theater in order to understand its structure and its influency on our world. We will promote the pupils selfcontrol and...

Project Journal

  • At the end of the play.


    - Posted by Genesis Daniela Salas Leon, 29.06.2016

  • We have already finished. A weeks ago we represented the play and all was good. We received many congratulations from teachers, parents... All participated. The italians made some videos in which they told stories. The drawings were beautiful. At the same time we have donde questios to some of the characters, which answered us. In this we have participated all. (Greek, italian and spanish) It´s been fun we have employed time and effort and we have met fantastic people.
    No one will forget this project. It has been a pleasure do it.
    But we don´t have to be sad because although is over we still go to more places to perform the work.
    - Posted by Genesis Daniela Salas Leon, 29.06.2016

  • After all the time we have dedicated to practice the play, finally, we are coming to the end.
    The play will be next month. We are very nervous. We have distributed the work. Some people
    looking for costumes, other prepare the decor, while some are seponsible of the sound and light. Of form parallel the actors and actress rehearse
    their roles for that everything goes perfect.
    Also we are makeing books markers for sale (they relate to the play) and the money that we
    collect will be donated a one organization that helps refugees.
    And the next week we will start to record te interview to the characters of the work. We will do this
    with the Italians and the Greeks.

    13152896_473562929511912_1222046307_n (3).jpg



    - Posted by Genesis Daniela Salas Leon, 08.05.2016

  • Since that we started the course we have done many things. First we divided the class in two groups, both are making something related with te topic that we are working. One group is doing a calendar.


    - Posted by Genesis Daniela Salas Leon, 17.02.2016

  • The other group is preparing the play with the help of Alberto (In this group all us laugh much)



    - Posted by Genesis Daniela Salas Leon, 17.02.2016