Preparing music and content

  • Italian and Spainsh schools collaborate in creating the staging of the tragedy Trojan Women, written by Euripides. Spanish students record their performance of the play (the second stasimos in particular) and Italian pupils will create and record the music which will accompany the movements of the Spanish Chorus of Trojan women.



    At the same time, Spanish students are creating some bookmarks with motifs and sentences chosen from the Euripides' drama.These bookmarks will be sold the premiere day among the public. This money will be send to UNHCR (the UN' s Refugee Agency). Here it's an example

    On the folder Bookmarks you can see more bookmarks made by the pupils

    And in Spain some materials for the performance are being created. For instance we adapt the Euripides' text for our version. We write and record a new drama "prologos" in which Poseidon reflect about the humans' madness. The humanity continue profaning our Mediterranean Sea with wars as the Syrian one. Something similar as happened during War of Troy thousands of years before. The same victims, with other names, same men... Here you can hear the sound of the prologos of our "Trojan Women" version.


    Some parallel activities are taking place everywhere. We prepare costumes, we rehearse the drama and...we have some time to share some Christmas sweets sent from each other as Pannettoni, turrones...