• Netiquette significa "internet etiquette", es un conjunto de comportamientos correctos en la red. En eTwinning tenemos un Code of Conduct.

    En este proyecto y online respectamos la netiquette:


    Netiquette is short from "Internet etiquette". Netiquette is "a code of good behaviour on the Internet". On eTwinning, our spirit is based on the Code of Conduct.

    On this Group, and on eTwinning, we follow the netiquette and the good behaviour:

    1. When writing your message, please use the same courtesy that would show when speaking face-to-face with someone.

    2. Insults, personal attacks, irony and inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Even if you don't agree with other opinions, do not flame!

    3. Treat others as you would like to be treated and be patient and helpful.

    4. Follow-up and respond in the discussions you have started taking part in the forums and posts!

    5. Don't be afraid to post! Don't feel intimidated because you're new in the group.

    6. Respect Privacy by not sharing personal information, photos or videos that the others would not want to be published online

    7. Respect original Ideas and credit the authors.

    8. Share Your ExpertiseIf someone asks a question, and you have an answer, please take the time to provide that information.

    9. Andministrators and Moderators reserve the right to monitor the content and remove any objectionable material at any time