European Immigration

European Immigration will enable students from Cyprus, France and Romania to work together on the subject of immigration. This project will last a school year and will end by the creation of an emagazine where all the work of the students will be compiled. They will work in international teams and will use various web tools .

Our poems

Let's write poems on the immigration theme, be imaginative


What is poetry ? Have a look at here

Here some types you can create  acrostics, haikus, cinquains , quatrains, diamantes calligrams, repetition

If you want more ideas, you can have different types of poetry. Choose the one you like and create a poem

You can be helped by this tool:

WordMover  to create your poems (it is a tool which enable you to add your own words and to shuffle them in order to find the best order to create a poem)


Add your poems on the wall below

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