About TREES project

  • ERASMUS+ - KA229 Exchange of Good Practices

    «TREES-To Reinforce European Environment Sustainability»



    The Erasmus + KA229 project “TREES-To Reinforce European Environment Sustainability” brings together the countries of Cyprus (coordinating country), Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal. The activities will take place between the years 2020 and 2022, involving students between 13 and 17 years old, from regular and professional education.

    This collaborative partnership aims to:

    - understand how it is possible to achieve a balance between science, development and the natural environment;

    - develop collaborative and creative activities to strengthen and adopt new sustainable realities and reforest in the face of emerging climate changes that affect everyone;

    -develop scientific, digital and programming activities to reinforce technological, robotic, ICT, coding and knowledge skills to find new skills in the digital world;

    -improve communication, foreign language skills and social skills associated with a commitment to respect differences and promote inclusion;

    - to develop students active citizenship in society and in the world.

    This project is aimed at students between 13 and 18 years old, seeking to involve students from different levels and areas of education who will collaboratively work on the main theme through different types of activities and areas of knowledge: STE (A) M, biology , environment, literature, arts, cinema, multimedia, ICT, programming / coding, robotics, design, politics and citizenship.

    Students will be achievers instead of users through cooperative work and project methodology: working in teams using their creativity, critical thinking and responsibility, deepening their social and civic skills, building knowledge, and learning to learn and learn through of experience. By extension, they will also understand the importance of lifelong learning in keeping with the changing world, with a view to achieving their goals and learning about what arouses curiosity.

    The innovative way of using technology and solving problems will promote the acquisition of key skills in students, turning them into active, responsible and entrepreneurial citizens.

    The results of this project are produced through cooperative activities in several areas and the main results that will remain for the future are: Eco-robot, film, stories, digital game, APP, forest superhero, open letter to the EU, website / ETwinning project, urban gardens, tree planting and local endemic vegetation in partner schools, together with various knowledge-building activities and involvement of the local community.

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