Erasmus+ TREES: To Reinforce European Environment Sustainability

With this project, biodiversity will be realised in the surroundings of the partisipating schools and student will identify the natural landscape and the local flora. We want students to get to know the flora of the participating European countries with different climates and biodiversity. Students will develop several 21st century skills and capabilities and find the differences and similarities between the flora of the regions. Students of different level will work on the main topic through different kind of activities in different subjects: STE(A)M, biology, literature, arts, multimedia, ICT, coding, robotic, design, politics. The results of this project will be produced through cooperative activities in several areas and the main results that will remain for the future are: eco-robot, movie, stories, digital game, APP, forest super-hero, open letter to EU, website/eTwinning project, urban gardens, plants and trees in schools.

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