• We have also received many beautiful cards from Croatia, Spain and Sweden...thank you so much!!!

    We wish we had been at school so that we could have created more for you!




    Here is the collection of the Christmas stories, written by our pupils. Some of them will be translated into English soon.


    We are also very happy to have received a lot of interesting Christmas stories from our pupils, although our classes are being held exclusively online and that makes participation somehow difficult for some of them. Many pupils had the chance to read most of the stories in our online classes and shared their opinion about the stories. The decision to choose only one story was indeed very difficult for us too, but we chose the "Christmas story"  written by a pupil from the 6th grade who had written the story in Greek and then translated it in English by himself and illustrated it.

    Christmas story from Greece.docx

    Illustrations for the Christmas story.pdf