Approximately 450 students aged from 7 to 14 attend II. osnovna škola Čakovec. The school is located in the town of Čakovec, in the northernmost part of Croatia. Our engagement in the eTwinning community plays an important role in our curriculum: The School has received the eTwinning School Label twice since it was introduced. Our policy is to develop competences for lifelong learning throughout the curriculum. Through our work in the eTwinning and Erasmus+ community, we have made numerous connections with schools from the whole of Europe. We see this project as an opportunity to raise the awareness of the importance of acquiring knowledge from traditional, printed books and the importance of storytelling as a way of being mentally engaged in the story, helping us to develop our imagination and creativity. We strongly believe this partnership will enable us to learn about new cultures and educational systems, and help us grow and prosper as an eTwinning School.


    You can see our hometown of Čakovec in the video HERE.