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    Ancy from Greece

    I'm Ancy Manta and I'm the director of Gymnasio Zipariou Kos (Secondary School of Zipari). Our school has participated in many Erasmus projects and both teachers and students learn new things

    Stella Lamprianou, Greece

    Hello, I am Stella, I am a teacher and I work for Directorate of Secondary Education at the Dodecanese. I love Erasmus projects and I am happy to work with old and new friends in Erasmus

    Dimitris, Gymnasio Gennadiou

    Hello to the new group. I am Dimitris and I am the headteacher of Gymnasio Gennadiou. I love our school because I have been working there for 30 years. I want to create a happy and safe school for all our students. Erasmus projects is a new window in our school world.

    Katerina, Gymnasio Gennadiou

    Hi everybody!My name is Katerina Vissariou and Icome from Greece.I teach ancient and modern Greek, Literature, History in Gennadi High School, Rhodes. I also work as a Vice Headmaster. I am happy to join the group of Erasmus projects and hope to meet you all to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences!

    Alexandra Skara

    I teach ancient and modern Greek, History and Literature in Gennadi Highschool of Rhodes.

    Nikos Greece

    Hi! Dear colleagues, my name is Nikos and I am teacher of theological studies in Gennadi gymnasium (high school) of Rhodes. I love doing Erasmus projects!

    Menita, Greece

    Hi everyone!!!
    I am Menita and I aim CS teacher in Gennadi secondary school.
    It’s my first time in Erasmus projects and I am very very excited!!!!!!
    I like swimming, cycling and hanging out with my friends – those, past covid free days !!!! Hope to meet you soon to work and have fun together!!!!

    Maria, Greece

    Hi there! I teach french in Gennadi Highschool of Rhodes. I love my job, foreign languages and travelling. That's why I am part of Erasmus family!

    Margarita, Greece

    Hello, I am Margarita and I am a teacher of Greek Language. I like Erasmus project and i enjoy working with teachers from other countries

    Konstantina, Greece

    Hello from Greece. I am a teacher of Economics and Management and I teach at secondary Schools on the island of Rodos


    Hello, I am Georgios and I teach Maths. It is my first project and I want to learn new skills and to meet teachers from Europe.

    Litsa, Greece

    I am a teacher of Greek Language and I work in Rodos, Greece. My hometown is Ptolemaida, in mainland Greece. I have nice experiences within erasmus projects and I am happy to be part of CompuT

    Carla, Portugal

    I´m from Portugal. I teach math. I love to learn about technology and I´m always searching for new things.