• CEP La Laguna (La Laguna teachers´ training center) is a public and external support center providing pedagogic advice to schools. It is located in San Cristóbal La Laguna, Tenerife. CEP La Laguna offers pedagogical advice, consulting, information, provision of educational material, training amongst other actions from the educative administration to Primary and Secondary schools and teachers from CEP La Laguna´s scope of action (involving teachers from 8 municipalities and other teachers from the CEP network, there are 4 CEP in Tenerife). CEP Laguna guarantees the integration from the educative Community with a democratic implementation by the following collegiate bodies:

    Consejo de Dirección.

    Consejo General.

    All these bodies have different functions in order to coordinate the educative administration actions. CEP La Laguna then can be understood as a joint between the administration and the schools developing the educative main streams but adapted to the wide reality and context of the different schools.

    Taking into account the previous premise, CEP La Laguna´s main aims are:

    1- Actions to advise schools (Directive board and teachers) about the educative administration´s (Consejería de Educación, Universidades, Cultura y Deportes, henceforth CEUCD) main streams developed through its specific programs, projects and networks.

    2- Actions towards teachers ´training through the promotion of the different training modalities offered by CEUCD.

    3- Actions to arise the CEP´s Pedagogic Team training, fostering the principle of reaching a high level competence development established in the Canarian Education Law.

    4- The development of functions towards the participation and implementation of European projects in terms of innovation and educative equity and quality.

    5- Collaboration with other administrations and entities aimed to increase successful measures in different fields like for example attention to diversity amongst others.

    6- Dissemination of the results to all the schools and teacher from its scope of actions as well as the rest of the educative community.


    CEP La Laguna´s role will be to collaborate with the rest of the organizations to learn from the others and also actively share our view (meaning the one from the educative administration) and treatment to the inclusive attention to diversity development.

    A collaborative network from different countries and organizations working towards the same topic with different views enriches the everyday practice since it widens the perspective. This opportunity of getting to agreements and analyze successful practices guides CEP La Laguna, as an organization, to extrapolate to the rest of schools and teachers from its scope of action the ideas, material, measures, resources derived from the project itself.

    CEP La Laguna´s interest resides in the need to get to a maximum level of development in its functions to this respect, in order to offer the best quality training to all teachers. Supported by the educative standards (legislation) from Spain and those specific from the Canary Islands, it becomes a duty to always open barriers in all senses when dealing with inclusion. In this sense belonging to a European project where the inclusion is part of the whole European spirit is a need rather than just a try.

    The inclusive treatment of attention to diversity measures need to be understood from a cross curricular and social view so all educative community can collaborate to give the best possible answer to the many different needs  that are faced daily from students, teacher and families. CEP La Laguna´s role cannot be apart from this idea so involving its action to this holistic treatment really makes a significant quality proposal.