GREECE Directorate of Secondary Education in the Dodecanese


    Directorate of Secondary Education of Dodecanese is public educational authority, supervising 80 schools, 15.000 students (general and vocational) and 2.500 teachers in the region. Moreover, Directorate supervises adult and lifelong learning institutions in the region of Rodοs and surrounding islands of Dodecanese. It is attached to the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs in Greece and it is a decentralized educational service of the public sector. Its responsibility has to do with educational, pedagogical and administrative matters.

    Dodecanese region has special geographical features: 18 islands, small scale schools in isolated islands, distance from mainland Greece. Due to tourism industry in the region, there are pupils of different background: first and second generation children with immigrant background, Roma students, financial immigrants, and recently there are many refugees families and students.

    Directorate acts as facilitator of innovative approaches and projects in education in the region. It implements projects, pilot studies and teacher training programmes in cooperation with other authorities/organizations in order to open schools to society and to correspond to local needs. Directorate aims to improve education for all students irrespectively of their social and cultural background. Moreover, there is an effort to interconnect students and teachers from all islands and to support online cooperation.

    Besides synergies at regional level, Directorate seeks cooperation at European level in order to broaden collaboration, to work with schools abroad and learn from each other, to transfer successful practices from other schools and to prepare teachers and learners become responsible European citizens of a multicultural society.

    Digital culture is a priority for Directorate in order to respond to the rapid technological developments of our era and to overcome geographical limits amongst the islands in the Aegean sea. Staff and teachers at directorate exploit many web tools and apps in order to support online and mobile learning and to facilitate communication between teachers, especially for those who live in the smaller and less populated islands.



    Directorate has a team of expert teachers, university professors and school counselors with previous knowledge on implementation of European and national wide projects. They act as multipliers at schools and offer guidance to teachers. The team works with teachers teams in each school in order to support the practical application of the projects. The team of expert teachers comes from all educational sectors, lower secondary, upper secondary, VET, Universities, adult training. They are competent in foreign languages and ICT, they have participated in many European projects and they are willing to support changes at schools.


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