Na Slovensku jsme poznávali britskou kulturu

  • Postřehy žáků české školy ze setkání na Slovenksu 6. května. Slovenská škola uspořádala "Den bristké kultury". Děti prošly několika hodinami, ve kterých se seznámili s anglickým školstvím, s britskou hudbou, seznámily se se zajímavostmi z britské kuchyně....

    Day of British culture

    6. 5. we visited Slovakia.

    We was in Kysúcké nové město.

    We had three lessons of Great Britain.

    Every one was with diferent teacher.

    Over favourite lesson was second, because we must guess British names of important peoples.

    The first was about British school a about the uniforms witch thay are wearing.

    The third lesson wasn´t very good, because the teacher could not say word throw. And we was listening song whole lesson.

    At the and we got muffins and stuff so it is small plus.

    And yeah it was really good.


    We went to Kysucké Nové Město Friday morning. I like it because it was interesting, but we weren´t at our teacher´s lesson. We visited three English lesson with Slovakia teachers. In first lesson we draw some uniforms for children. In second lesson we do some activities about English famous people. And in last lesson we listened a song Part of me from Katy Perry. And then we got some drink and food. And then we must go to train station and we went home. In train was a boy and he smile with me and my friends. It was very good trip. 
    Michaela Michalková

    Day of British kulture

    When we learnt at school our teacher said: „We went to the Slovakia to British day.“ We were looking forward to this day. On Friday 6th of May we had reunion on train station at 6:40 am. We did not know what we can wait of this day. „Already the train arrived!“ we shouted. The way was very good and funny, because all girls sat in one coupe. When we arrived to the Kysucké Nové Mesto we walked to their primary school. We could see a short film about London. Our first lesson was about Britain school and their school uniforms. We enjoyed it! Second lesson was very fine! We could learn all about British geography. Then we had long break! We could buy a lots of sweets and food in their snack-bar. There was everything, hot dogs, donuts, chocolate and more. After break we had third lesson. We listened and sung songs. Next we went to train and went home! We enjoyed this day.



    The Day of British culture

    On Friday we were in Slovak school because they prepared The Day of British culture for us. We had three English lessons with Slovak teachers. We sang song from Katy Perry-Part of me. We got homemade muffins, donuts and cookies. It was great. Long it will be remembered.

    Ivana Kwaczková


    The day of British culture

    On 6.5 we visited slovak school. We had there 3. lessons of British culture. It was very interesting.

    First we had lesson about school in Britian. We was drawing clothes for britian children. Our teacher spoke about school system.

    Second we had lesson about British geography.

    And the last lesson we were listening song. We had to translate it to Czech language.

    We think that the first lesson was the best!!! Children in britian have very hard learning.


    Trip to Slovakia

    6th May we visited Slovakia friends in Kysucké Nové Mesto. We travelled by train with our teachers. In this town is beautiful wheather. When we came to school, we watched a video from Great Britain. After we started our first lesson about British school. Second lesson was about Geography and last lesson was about music. We have learnt some things from Britain.





       We liked our trip to Slovakia. Traveling there was funny. We took lot of photos. It was really good. Our lessons were interesting. We saw English uniforms, did some quiz, listened and translated song Part of me. Between the lessons, we bought cupcakes from girls which probably bake them. They were really yummy! After learning, was time to go home. We had 15 minutes to do something what we want, so all of us bought an ice-cream. Some flavours coloured our tongues. We took photos again. Then we went to Jablunkov. The trip was really good.

        M. Czudková

       V. Bojková