• Here is the folder for the QL evaluators

    “eTwinning dream” is a project that promotes an innovative way of learning and teaching English in school: through ICT and partnerships. Teachers compared the school curricula and found common topics and language structures at the beginning of the project (at the beginning of the school year). Then, teachers planned the development of each topic during school time. They totally skipped the use of text books letting students create and produce materials by themselves thank to ICT tools. You can see here the planning they designed after the initial meeting.


    Here are some pictures of the online meeting in which partner teachers planned a series of activities

    to let our students learn from each other like in a virtual class.

    Click on the link to see some funny pictures: working together means also having fun!


    In the Twinspace folders you can find the activities students did during their school time. You can visit them to see the work. They are all based on the creation of REAL COMMUNICATIVE CONTEXTS in which they had the need to speak, understand and write in order to play, guess, move, design, create.

    Students did lots of activities in order to learn from each other like in a virtual class. Offline videos  have been shared to work on the four language competences (speaking, listening, writing, reading). Games played via videoconference have been used to work in an interactive way using the linguistic structures teachers had previously compared and spotted. Online games have been designed for partners and played with partners to increase vocabulary. Partners shared the needed materials thanks to the Twinspace, which was the common space for everything: communication, sharing materials, collaboration, learning.

    Look at the following short videos. They are only some examples of the activities we did just to have an idea of our teaching strategy which was completely based on ICT and partnership.


    And this is our collection of activities and games played to reach the four language competences: speaking, listening, writing, reading. We gathered them in a doc to spread the voice and share with our school colleagues.

    Students also achieved key competences and in particular, learn to learn, social and civic competence, culture awareness and entrepreneurships. Obviously digital competences and communication in a foreign language have been completely achieved. 

    The fact teachers skipped the use of textbooks gave to students with special needs (especially those with dyslexia and difficulties in concentrating) the possibility to cope with foreign language and to reach their goals without feeling inadequate. Online games have been really successfull to integrate students with disabilities and difficulties in writing/reading.

    A booklet with the created and used teaching strategy has been written by partner teachers. They gave the strategy a name: L.L.I.P.

    The following one is the ebook related to the partners' teaching strategy: L.L.I.P. (Learning language with ICT and Partnership).

    Have a look at this INNOVATIVE TEACHING STRATEGY: We want to promote it and share worldwide!