eTwinning dream

The story starts : Suddently, when I woke up this morning I was in a different bed, in a different house, in a different family... HELP!!!!! I cried, and a different voice sounded. I was a different person, and then I saw the magic pendant. We will work on ESL topics: my body, feelings, family, home, pets, food, city, etc. Pupils will study all ...

Project Journal

  • National Prize in Italy!



    - Posted by Marina Screpanti, 24.11.2016

    - Posted by Marina Screpanti, 20.10.2016

  • our recipe we uploaded the link to an online funny!!!
    - Posted by Marina Screpanti, 19.05.2016

  • We also uploaded our pictures about the food activities
    - Posted by Marina Screpanti, 19.05.2016

  • Look at the page Where is the magic pendant? There is a guessing game for you! Discover it and check the solution...where? We will show you in the next days....
    - Posted by Marina Screpanti, 19.05.2016