International Week in Spain 2016


    These last days were very special for everybody, we enjoyed a fantastic Erasmus+ week in Burela.

    On Tuesday 24th May, 47 children and 15 teachers from Finland, Belgium, Greece and Romania came to visit us in Spain. 

    On Wednesday 25th, everything was ready at school to welcome them.

    After the welcoming ceremony, we split the visitors and the Spanish children of the 5th and 6th levels in to three international groups:

    Each group had a different route to follow:

    On the first part of the morning, each group had to participate in a workshop:

    Frida Kahlo made floral carpets:

    Wassily Kandinski made a cooperative surprise puzzle:

    Leonardo da Vinci made a Pollock workshop:

    After these fantastic activities, it was time to take a break and eat some delicious food the spanish families had made and brought to school (thanks!):


    Then, we participated in rotating activities:




    We had a wonderful day all together. We were ready to spend the afternoon with the families!

    On Thursday 26th all the visitors visit Viveiro, the town and also the pottery factory "Otero Regal". In the afternoon, we canoed in our beach, in front of the hostel.

    On Friday 27th  the whole groups, including Spain went to Lugo, the capital of our province, where we walked along the Roman Walls and we also visited "O Cebreiro" a village where you can see pallozas (old traditional houses) and a lot of pilgrims. We also walked a bit of St. James' Way.


    On Saturday 28th we visited Ribadeo, its famous "As Catedrais" Beach and we did a boat ride, too.

    On Sunday 29th  we enjoyed all together in our town, Burela. We visited the boat museum, the port, Monte Castelo...

    On Monday 30th  it was time to go to Mondoñedo. We visited this nice and old town and we took part in very interesting workshops: paint, pottery, puppets...And then, we spent the afternoon with our spanish families. It was our last day!

    On Tuesday 31st it was time to leave. It was a fantastic experience for all of us! Thanks for coming and see you very soon!