Project Song

  • “On a Journey with the ARTist”

    Our Song


    We are young and we can dream

    Of something yet unforeseen

    Because no matter what we're told

    We're the creators of our world


    If I want to shout and scream

    I'll make music for my ear

    And if I want to paint and scrap

    That'll be my own world's art


    Don't tell me what I can do( can be used as chorus)

    I'm not easy to subdue

    I have the right to be absurd

    I'm the designer of my world


    I am young and I am free

    No one can take hold of me

    and if I want to make a stand

    It can be for something grand


    Everyone can change the world

    As long as their voice is heard

    And with the power to withstand

    You can be your self-made brand


    Take advantage of your goals

    And make something out of those

    Do not let them fade away

    In your schedule's disarray


    By Andrei Stanciu