•  St. Josephs Primary School really enjoyed all of the other countries factfiles - thank you very much. 

    We really enjoyed creating artworks from each of the countries Artists.


    2nd Class: 


    Sculpture: Eva Ryynanen

    Piece of art: Karhut bears

    Country: Finland


    3rd Class: 




    Artist: Pablo Picasso

    Art piece: Cubism Style 

    Country: Spain


    4th Class: 


    Artist/ Sculpture: Constantin Brancusi

    Art piece:  "The Gate of the Kiss"

    Country: Romania


    5th class: 

    5th class studied 2 artists 


    Artist: Joan MIRO 

    Art piece: Self Portrait 

    Country: Spain



    Artist: Piet Mondrian

    Country: Netherlands

    Art piece: Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue (1921)



    6th class: 

    Artist: René Magritte

    Art piece: The man with the bowler hat

    Country: Belgium 



    Artist: Nikos Xatzikiriakos Gikas 

    Art piece:  Kites at Acropolis, Athens

    Country: Greece