Finland: Backdrop scenes and props

  • Jan arriving in Helsinki: backdrop scene the railway station Helsinki

    The famous "Stone Men" statues at the railway station are dressed in masks specially for the international guests of the group "Kiss" visiting Helsinkin that day, 28 Apr 2017. 
    Copyright: MTV. Kuva: Visa Högmander.)

    Jan visiting Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki:
    - Ateneum Art Museum

    - The painting "The Fighting Capercaillies" by Ferdinand von Wright

    (Ferdinand von Wright: The Fighting Capercaillies, 1886. Finnish National Gallery / Ateneum Art Museum. Photo: Finnish National Gallery / Jouko Könönen)

    For the hip-hop dance you can choose for example:
    - blue (and white) background - the colours of Finland (on our DVD we had a blue one)
    - you can use also the scene that we had on the stage of our spring feast in May 2017: a summer view of Finland

    Jan arrives at Muuruvesi School:


    Shadow theatre performance, props

    - a big white cloth, lights behind the cloth and the scene

    - On the DVD there is a separate short video (after the whole show) taken from the backside, showing what the actors do and what kind of props they have. For example: different kinds of headwear (one having horns), wings, a cape, a sword or a stick resembling a sword, ribbons, a pot, sticks, a chest, ...

    Dance, Hip hoppii englantii

    Background: a blue cloth (or you can beam a blue backround by a beamer), a big flag of Finland, small flags of the Erasmus+ countries in a string
    An alternative backdrop scene: the scene of our spring feast May 2017 where the show was performed, a summer scene among the photos above.

    The children are wearing a blue-white (the colours of Finland) bracelet on their right hand (it helps also to remember right and left with the moves).

    An easy way to make the bracelet: - Wind the yarn (minimum two pieces of yarn, or more) - either with a pair, each one holding an end, or alone with the other end fastened to e.g. a hook on a wall - to oppisite directions with your pair or to one direction alone. - When you have wound enough, bend the ends together and let the rest of the string wind around to form one string, helping by hand to get a good form. - Make knots to both ends of the string. - Use the string as a bracelet - You can use both blue and white yarn to make one bracelet or you can make separate blue and white ones.

    Clothes: relaxed freetime clothes suitable for hip hop style