• Szkola Podstawowa Mierzecice is an 8-class primary school in the village Mierzecice. There are 316 students, aged 7 - 14. For rural conditions our school is big. Students’ families have low incomes because they live in a rural area. It causes students to have less opportunities. They have mixed abilities, from very gifted ones to those with special needs or emotional or social problems. The staff is: the headmaster, the deputy headmaster, 36 teachers. We have 8 SEN students, 2 of them have got a SEN teacher to help, other 2 SEN students 2 have individual education at home, 80 of our students have opinions as dyslexia and other disabilities.

    Because we are a rural school our studenst are afraid the secondary schools in bigger cities and bulluing. They have also problems with cyberbullying. All teachers have been practicing teaching for many years and are eager to improve and share their teaching skills, but many times they have problems to face modern times and modern virtual affairs. Some of us are experts in ITC, psychology, pedagogy. Our school is respected for a helpful and well-qualified staff and teachers, well equipped classrooms. We want to prepare our students for education in bigger city schools. Now the school is involved in one European Social Fund project and in one Erasmus+ project. The key people in charge of running the project in our school will be English teacher Maria Sliz (contact person and coordinator).She is an expert in language teaching as well as Erasmus+, eTwinning. The headmaster Paulina Niegowska (legal representative),an expert in management, evaluation and promotion. The second English teacher experienced in early education and the deputy headmaster a pedagogue experienced in culture, civic and charity projects. In case a contact person or legal representative leave their post in the future we still have got another English teacher and the deputy to take over their role. Many of us use ICT. We will be able to face the problem if it occurs as the number of teachers willing to be involved is appropriate.The whole staff and students are motivated to be involved in an Erasmus+ school partnership project to broaden our minds and to overcome boundaries. We want to teach students key skills and competences thanks to the project which is based on the Key European Competences. We want to reduce the risk of bullying, cyberbullying and social exclusion. We believe the more positive school environment the better well-being. Students have limited experiences due to living in a rural area. Their knowledge and experiences concern only the village and Poland so they are eager to integrate with other European countries. We want them to learn life skills thanks to transnational cooperation. Many parents are of average incomes , it reduces opportunities. Transnational cooperation will open them for other nations, universal human rights and promote values: freedom, tolerance, respect for diversity and non-discrimination.