• Project eTwinning “Skilled Europeans”


    About the project:


    Teenage life isn’t always easy. It implies a lot of changes. Students often lack self-confidence, and have doubts about their skills and qualities. It is all the more difficult as it happens at a time when they have to make decisions for their future studies / jobs, and also at an age when they have a lot of pressure and sometimes find it hard to know who they are / who they want to be. So the idea is to start a project to help students develop psycho-social skills which will be essential for their future professional and personal lives.



    → practise and improve English and ICT skills


    → open onto Europe and discover other cultures


    → develop psycho-social skills by working in teams, making decisions together, expressing their creativity etc…


    → boost students’ self-esteem and give them tools to cope with their future in a positive way, by focusing on their skills and qualities

    Expected results: 


    Public Twinspace. 

    Students will improve their English and ICT skills and will learn to be more respectful and responsible by working in teams. By collaborating on given tasks, they will be more confident and will realize they have skills and qualities and can achieve great things together.

    Link to Twinspace:






    1) presentation of the project to parents (letter) + authorisations for pictures 

    2) questionnaire + accept the rules + complete profiles

    3) Who are you? 

    - students write an introduction on padlet

    → what they like + what they dislike

    → their qualities + what is difficult for them

    - students find at least a person they have something in common with (someone from another country) and post a comment


    4) Teams - Discussion on the forum to get to know your teammates and recap on a padlet


    Schools closed in the 3 partner countries because of the coronavirus pandemic, so decision to try and continue the project by adapting the activities to online teaching.

    March- April


    1) Discover other cultures:

    a) choose one topic per team (discussion on forum)

    b) discuss and prepare a recording + a visual to go with the recording (discussion on team google doc)

    c) lessons to be learnt


    Task 2 a) b) collaborative writing challenge and selection of the 3 winning teams

    c) lessons to be learnt

    end of May - early June

    Task 3

    a) script and recording to dub a video (group work for volunteers)

    b)message conveyed by the video and lessons to be learnt


    Evaluation : survey + goodbye messages

  • Consent forms

    In France

    Letter to parents + consent form

    In Poland

    Consent form


    consent form