1- a) Discover other cultures




    Discover other cultures, collaborate and be creative


    1) Each team has to choose one topic.

    Discuss with your teammates on your team forum and once you have made your choice, post a comment under the chosen topic on the padlet.

    NB: first come, first served / only one team per topic


    2) Use your team document below to prepare your task.




    You will have to

    - exchange ideas and compare your habits

    - record a short presentation of your topic (with at least 1 student from each country speaking)

    - make a creative visual to go with your recording (e.g: a collage of pictures, a word cloud, drawings, a poem...)

    NB: you will find useful tools here

    You will receive instructions by twinmail about the way to send / share your work in the end.


    See presentations ==> HERE