2- a) Writing challenge


    Story writing challenge




    Write a story with your teammates.


    - You will always start your sentences with IF

    - You will do this activity on the forum and will follow the pattern posted there to know in what order you will write the sentences.

    - Every student will be in charge of writing one sentence and has to make sure he/she reuses what was said in the sentence before.

    - Each sentence has to be logically connected with the previous ones to make a kind of story.

    - There must be 10 sentences minimum in your story. And you can add up to 5 extra sentences (written by 5 different students) to get bonuses.

    - Be creative, original, poetic... Just make sure you are respectful and write a politically-correct story.


    To make things clearer, here is an example for the topic “What if you met a famous singer?”

    Student 1 writes : ‘If I met a famous singer I’d invite him to my house’

    Student 2 writes:  ‘If I invited him to my house, he would meet my parents’ 

    Student 3 writes: ‘If he met my parents, … etc… etc…”



    1) 03/05/2020 : each group has to choose one topic (see the list below).A few teams can choose the same topic as you'll have different ideas for your stories.


    2) 04/05/2020 8 a.m. : beginning of the challenge

        08/05/2020 8 p.m. : end of the challenge


    The teachers will then choose the 3 best stories.



    Go to the forum to check the order of students in each team.

    NB: in case one student doesn’t write his/her sentence in time, then the next student has to go on the story and follow the schedule. Keep in mind you will have to write 10 sentences minimum, so in case one student is not active you will have to compensate for the missing sentence.


    Topic 1

    What if covid-19 didn't exist?

    Topic 2

    What if we lived in a dream world?

    Topic 4

    What if people were more respectful?

    Topic 3

    What if we all lived in the UK / the USA?