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    Bistrica ob Sotli Primary School is a small, rural, independent elementary school, which is a constituent part of a pleasant town Bistrica ob Sotli.

    Our students’ parents are mainly employed, while also having a home farm, and some are farmers only. They deal mainly with viticulture, livestock breeding and fruit growing. The school district also covers local community Polje ob Sotli (Municipality of  Podčetrtek), which is also highly agricultural and is extending along the river Sotla towards Podčetrtek. In the northeast the river separates us from the neighboring town Kumrovec and Croatia.

    In this school year we have 141 pupils in 9 sections (1st to 9th grade). 1st grade pupils have organized morning day care. In the afternoon, students from 1st to 5th grade can attend afterschool facilities (until 15:30).

    Nursery school Pikapolonica with 58 children in three sections is an integral part of school.

    Special features of our school are:

    • We started the 9-year programme of elementary school in the first round of initiating it on the national level.
    • We are involved in the project called European Network of Health Promoting Schools (among the top 12 schools).
    • We finished several projects: Comenius, European village, Apple in school, Golden Sun.
    • We carry out elements of  ECO-school.
    • We have so called “confidence box”. (Its purpose is to discuss issues and problems, to advise each other, look forward to successes, acknowledge errors, have a good laugh ...
    • Weekly we offer nonobligatory German lessons and computer science lessons.
    • We have a recreation break for students to relax.
    • Students (3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 9th grade) attend summer and winter school in nature (swimming, skiing, science).
    • We pay special attention to children’s attitude to healthy lifestyle and interpersonal relationships.
    • Learning for life and encouraging good relationships is our main mission.
    • We are ready for cooperation and lifelong learning.

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