Presentation Germany

  • Freie Schule Kassel

    We have been members of Schoolovision right from the beginning in 2009. For many years the project was administrated from here.

    Our school was established some 30 years ago and has always made it a major goal to live eco-friendly and to teach the children about nature and ecology.

    Our school building was equipped with a rainwater cycle to be used for toilets and washing machines, and we only build with ecologic materials like pollutant-free colors and untreated wood.

    For many years now we have been involved in the "Solar Cup" event with selfmade boats and racing cars which at times even accomplished to win the national contest.

    From our very own kitchen we get mostly vegetarian food of 100% organic ingredients with special attention to regional and seasonal products.

    Among other specialties are our school garden and sheep that were visible in a number of our previous Schoolovision videos.

    During the past years, our pupils frequently participated in the "Fridays for Future" demonstrations out of their own initiative.