collection of finals

  • Here we are presenting the best three logo suggestions from each participating school out of which we will select the most supported draft by a common vote in December 2020.

  • logo finals

    Germany 1

    by Noëmi

    Germany 2

    by Yuma

    Germany 3

    by Noëmi

    Slovenia 1

    by Kaja

    Slovenia 2

    by Kaja

    Slovenia 3

    by Aljaž

    Poland 1

    by Szymon

    Poland 2

    by Maja

    Poland 3

    by Zofia

    Slovakia 1

    by Petra

    Slovakia 2

    by Noemi

    Slovakia 3

    by Marianka and Danka

    Bulgaria 1

    by Elitza

    Bulgaria 2

    by Polina

    Bulgaria 3

    by Stefan