• The TIPS GUIDES are the main tangible product of the project, they are linked to the objectives of equipping teachers with tools for high-quality teaching (Objective 2) and the creation of open educational resources and in several European languages ​​(Objective 3). They are a set of 4 publications: TIPS - Nanotechnology (in Spanish and English), TIPS - Chemistry (in French and English), TIPS - Physics (in Italian and English) and TIPS - Mathematics (in Dutch and English). They are available online in the TwinSpace of the project under a CC 3.0 SA BY licence and will be widely distributed by the coordinating teachers of the association. Each guide has been elaborated by a partner, detailing the innovative practice that is the subject of the main workshop during their mobility and gives the information necessary and sufficient to faithfully reproduce the innovative practice in the other schools of the association or in any other school interested.